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     COMFORT inc. produce various types of multimedia contents; web contents, satellite data broadcasting contents, terrestrial broadcasting contents, video, music CD and corporate data base, etc. In our multimedia studio, we have state-of-art multimedia equipment: video cameras for broadcasting quality, non-linear video editing equipment, various multimedia software and so on.

     Our professional multimedia contents production team is capable of producing various contents in order to meet the requirements in the era of merged communication and broadcasting industries.

@02/12/08@Press Release
5 December 2002
Comfort Inc.
Hutchison 3G UK Limited

F.A. Premier League Exclusive Content Delivery to Mobile Phones
(Premier League attracting most attention at present)

Comfort Inc. and Hutchison 3G UK Limited today announced that Comfort inc. will be providing FAPL exclusive content to mobile phones in Japan. FAPL has been attracting attention worldwide since the FIFA World Cup this year.

Hutchison Whampoa, a major conglomerate with mobile telecommunications operations in Hong Kong, Europe and elsewhere, holds the exclusive mobile content rights to FAPL worldwide and Comfort Inc. (Tokyo, Teruaki Miyata, President and CEO) has secured exclusive mobile rights to this content for Japan, launching the Premier League content on i-mode (NTT DoCoMo) on 2 December 2002.

The site name is eEi (England) Premier Leaguef which is included in eBaseball/Footballf of eSports/Hobbiesf category on i-menu.

Over 30 high-quality photos taken by professional football photographers plus up-to-date information will be delivered on a daily basis. FAPL, which includes many players who made a big impact during the FIFA World Cup, will be delivering more excitement each day than the FIFA World Cup. This content is full of gOtakara Gazouh (valuable images) and special information which are not available on any others.

Based on substantial news sources and the exclusive mobile content rights, the content will entertain a wide range of football supporters from female fans of popular teams and players to eCore supportersf.

The portal site includes gMatch detailsh, gImage galleryh, gNewsh, gMatch resultsh, gBest goalsh, gGoal rankingsh, gSupportersf columnsh, gRankings and Teamsf Informationh and gGiftsh.

Supplemental information
Reasons why Premier League is attracting most attention.

1. In the 2002 FIFA World Cup, not only did David Beckham gain considerable popularity but also the strengths of the Premier League players made a major impression through the overwhelmingly large number of Premier League players among the national teams.

Approximately 100 of the 2002 World Cup players belong to Premier League. Christian Ziege and Dietmar Hamann (Germany), Kerimogle Togay and Hakan Unsal (Turkey), Junichi Inamoto (Japan), Thierry Henry (France), Sebastian Veron (Argentine), Nwankwo Kanu (Nigeria), Gilberto Silva (Brazil), Damien Duff (Ireland), Patrick Vieira (France) and many others.

In the UK, Premier League games provide more excitement than the World Cup on a daily basis and many Japanese supporters now visit England to watch games.

2. With large numbers of enthusiastic supporters in the UK, the popularity of the Premier League is booming, compared with other leagues worldwide. For fans, FAPL provides the greatest entertainment of all.

3. Along with the traditions of the country where football originated, the leaguefs modern management makes players of all nationalities consider FAPL to be special. Good players increasingly join FAPL, which creates an even more exciting environment.

About Comfort Inc. ( http://www.comf.com )
Address: 405, 1-13-12, Misuji, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0022
Phone: 03-5687-1397
President and CEO: Teruaki Miyata
Business outline:
Outsourcing of international business
Planning, production and distribution of multimedia contents like broadband contents.

About Hutchison 3G UK Ltd ( http://www.three.co.uk)
Corporate headquarters UK
Contact Tokyo Liaison Office
Address: Shin-Kasumigaseki Bldg. 3-3-2, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013
Phone: 03 5251-3967
Director of Japanese Corporate Relations 3G UK: Ms. Rosemary Yates
TEL 03-5251-3967
Business fields
3G mobile phone operator. Besides UK, their sister companies will operate 3G services in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel and Sweden.

Hutchison Whampoa Limited ( http://www.hutchison-whampoa.com/ ) holds a 65 per cent stake in Hutchison 3G, the other major shareholders are NTT DoCoMo (20 per cent) KPN Mobile (15 per cent).

@02/09/20@FA Premiere League mobile site
COMFORT inc. was nominated as an exclusive mobile site provider in Japan for FA Premiere League, which is now quite popular throughout the world for many prominent soccer players such as David Beckham and Junichi Inamoto.

@00/12/01@BS digital programs just started
BS digital broadcasting will drafatically change the world of broadcasting; broadband data capability, interactive and higher resolution.

The contents production require new concepts and technical skills. COMFORT was assigned by BS Japan and BS955 for the interacive contents productions and BS Fuji for the manpower support.

Our programs started broadcasting from December 1, 2000.

@00/10/23@COMFORT music download site opening
Classical music download site shall be opened shortly, with thousands of quite attractive new recording.

News in the past

COMFROT inc. Music Library

COMFORT is a unique distributor of music contents; CD, MP3, etc. Part of our music can be downloaded on MP3 format for your trial listening. Our CD can be available at major CD shops in Japan. Our MP3 music can be fully downloaded on charge basis.

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     COMFORT inc. is a group of experts in various fields. We don't employ people, but instead, we accept your registrations to our corporate database with classifications of skills. Job assignments shall be made on project by project basis, and the remuneration shall be paid on the performance and results of the assignment. We work together on our Intranet basis; thus we normally don't care your geographical area to live.
The applicants have to fulfill the following basic requirements:
1.Person with highly professional skills and independence
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4.Person with good communication skills to work as a team on a project by project basisEspecially, our members, though highly professional, prefer comfortable work stiles.
5.A part time job is acceptable
6.Confidentiality bound
Presently, the following fields of skills are welcomed:
1.Web contents designer and programmer
2.Video and 3D producer and designer
3.Video cameraman and non-linear video editor
4.Music producer
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